Here on our Blue News, we report on the activities of Blue Communities from all around the world. All Blue Communities are warmly invited to send us updates on their activities. Additionally, we run a...Read More

Re-Nationalize English Water Services

Water companies in England and Wales have been given approval by regulator Ofwat to increase bills by an average £19 a year over the next five years as they ramp up investment to solve the sewage cris...Read More

Blue Community Paris: Olympic Waters

In May and June, filmmakers Jules and Gédéon Naudet followed a team of sample-takers from the city’s public water service Eau de Paris laboratory on their nightly rounds. These never-before-seen...Read More

A global call to turn blue!

The global water crisis is a reality. The lack of safe drinking water and sanitation for millions, droughts and severe floods, the melting of the poles and glaciers, polluted rivers and lakes, plastic...Read More

Nestlé: Stop the plastic water scam!

Fraud in plastic bottles: Nestlé has been cheating for years with contaminated spring water. A risk to our health cannot be ruled out. And the authorities remain inactive. The German FoodWatch has lau...Read More

World Without Waste? Plastic Industry Ideas

Following up on yesterdays Blue News about Nestle, Unilever, Veolia and their lack of will to scale down the amount of plastic waste they produce, here ahead of the fifth and final round of negotiatio...Read More

Nestle revealed Scale of Plastics Problem

Less than 10% of all plastics are recycled — and companies are dialing down their own targets. This is what Bloomberg published under the title “Nestle Shifted Critical Recycling Goal and Reveal...Read More

Oaxaca’s women preserve water

In 2023, which was one of the hottest years on record for Oaxaca, the drought destroyed 90% of the crops in the region. Only 100mm (3.9in) of rain was recorded that year, 50mm (1.9in) less than the am...Read More

Welcome to the Water Watchers!

We welcome a new Blue Community in our global network: the Canadian organisation (Wellington) Water Watchers just joined our movement! Water Watchers began as a grassroots organization founded in 2007...Read More

Weekend message from Mali

Good afternoon everybody. Water is very important in human life. No water so no life. This resource can help us for fishing, navigation, vegetables, for everything in the life. The most important thin...Read More

Get water in French railway stations

They may not always be obvious or easy to see, but just ask for the nearest drinking water dispenser in French train stations (SNCF). Fill your bottle for free on your journey and stay hydrated in the...Read More

Forever Chemical in European water

Drinking water in Paris and other European cities is contaminated with an unmonitored ‘forever chemical’, as all European media report. Traces of TFA, an unregulated PFAS, have been detect...Read More

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