My name is Anoosh Sophie Werner and I have been working for many years as a freelance water activist and future designer to promote a change in water awareness. I do this on a political level as an ambassador for Blue Community Germany and on an educational level by designing educational materials, including the Water Suitcase, which was awarded the national UNESCO ESD prize in 2022/2023. The ESD rain bank is also one of my projects. Art is a key communication tool in my work. In 2019, I built a walk-in whale, an installation made of wood and plastic waste to raise awareness about marine pollution. This whale first stood in front of the Bundestag, the German Parliament, and has been touring Germany ever since.

Since this year, I am also in the national coordination team of the Blue Community Chapter Germany.

For me, water is much more than a material resource, it is a teacher and a spiritual good, the creation of all that surrounds us and provides us with beauty and abundance. Last year I successfully completed my Masters in Education, Sustainability and Transformation, researching how we can use water as a change agent for social transformation. If we see water not just as a commodity, but as a teacher, and if we look closely and listen to water – inside and out – then it has a direct impact on our choices and our lives. And we can approach that which gives us life every day with gratitude and humility.

Photos: The Blue walk-in Whale Installation. Below: Anoosh Werner with Maude Barlow in Neustrelitz, Germany, when the city became a Blue Community.

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