Co-founder and Honorary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, one of Canada’s leading independent advocacy groups. In this function, she started the Blue Community movement with the first Blue Communities in Canada. Maude Barlow is an outspoken advocate and author on issues including democratic and social rights, trade sovereignty, and environmental justice. She has served as a Senior Advisor on Water to the United Nations. She also serves on the World Future Council and on the board of Food and Water Watch.

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Her latest book: Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism (EWC Press)

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Still hopeful. Longtime activist Maude Barlow on what gives her hope. In an interview around her new book, she also shares what she sees as our biggest challenge By Sherlyn Assam,  April 11, 2022, in Broadview

Fighting Water Privatization with ‘Blue Communities’. Author and activist Maude Barlow talks about the growing global movement to protect public control of water resources. Interview in The Ask from September 4, 2019 – by Tara Lohan

Foto: Maude Barlow at Zurich University in May 2022


Published works

Books: Principal author or co-author (by Wikipedia)

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  • Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism – ECW Press, Toronto (March 2022) ISBN 9781770416321 (print version).
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