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We are a network of committed people working in German cities, municipalities, universities, schools and other organisations for water protection and water justice. A Blue Community recognises the human right to water and basic sanitation, keeps its local water supply in public hands, advocates drinking tap water (instead of bottled water) and maintains international partnerships.

In 2011, Canadian Dr Maude Barlow, together with the Council of Canadians, launched the Blue Community movement to take a stand against the privatisation of public water supplies and resources, the marketing of groundwater and spring water in commercial bottles, and the pollution and overuse of precious water resources by industry and agriculture.

Water is THE elixir of life for humans, animals and nature. The floods, storms and droughts of recent years have highlighted the importance of protecting our water and environment. The consequences of man-made climate change are also becoming increasingly apparent in our latitudes. The deteriorating state of our forests, waters and environment is also a daily reminder that we too are vulnerable and need to take action: For ourselves, for nature, for all living creatures, for the environment and for our children and grandchildren.

The German Blue Communities do this in a variety of ways in local groups: with education and public relations work, events, the construction of public drinking fountains or water dispensers in schools and public facilities, and the serving of tap water at public events.

«The world is changed from the bottom up, by people fighting for what they care about in their own communities.» (Dr Maude Barlow)

Karin Brahms, Anoosh Werner, Claus Wilkens
Blue Community Ambassadors

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