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The Spanish Blue Communities are organised under the coordination of the Spanish Association of Public Water Supply and Sanitation Operators (AEOPAS), being the city of Barcelona, Cádiz, Medina Sidonia and Móstoles, the water operator GIAHSA (Gestión Integral de Aguas de Huelva S.A.) and the University of León.

For Blue News from the Blue Communities in Spain see here.

aeopas also runs a special website for the Blue Community Spain: Comunidades Azules (Contact)

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aeopas is currently working on two major projects to improve water services to the public, while at the same time drawing up management plans that will help the responsible bodies to manage the various tasks entrusted to them in the field of water supply and sanitation:

aeopas is uniting public companies providing water and wastewater services to more than 350 municipalities with a population of more than 8,660,000 inhabitants (For the list of aeopas associates see here)


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