The global Blue Community network also includes first schools, the Blue Schools. The Wolfgang-Ernst-Gymnasium in Büdingen, Germany, became the first Blue School in 2022. (more here)

In June 2023, Blue Community co-founder Maude Barlow could welcome an elementary school in Ottawa, Canada, with the Blue Community award. It is committed to the following principles

  • to teach the protection of our water
  • Recognize the human right to water and sanitation
  • prohibit the sale of bottled water on school grounds

More schools in Canada are to follow this example. And the Blue Community Switzerland also started working on a school cluster.

Each Blue School is free to choose specific measures to respect the three core Blue Community principles. Here are a few ideas:

  • All pupils receive a reusable water bottle on their first day at school.
  • A joint water day is held at the school every year. In addition to teaching about water, there is also space on this day for a creative and playful approach to the topic.
  • A poster with a snappy slogan encouraging the consumption of tap water is placed next to every tap in the school.
  • All pupils visit the local public water service supply once.
  • The pupils make contact with pupils from other Blue Schools.
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