How to become a Blue Community?

The Blue Community is not an organization or institution. It has no legal status, no membership, no fees, no headquarter.

The global Blue Community is a network of Blue Communities, cities and villages, universities and schools, companies and NGO, faith-based organizations and trade unions, even museums and radio stations. Each single one of them is a Blue Community as an independent organization. So yes, everybody can become a Blue Community, just by committing to the core values and pledges of the Blue Community (see here).
To become a Blue Community, take the internal decisions needed, and send us your commitment. A basic template for a possible commitment you may find here (Wordfile). We will discuss your commitment, eventually come back to you with questions or further requests, and once all done, we will proceed your certificate.

Eventually, the certificate for your affiliation to the Blue Community network will be handed over with a small ceremony (on site or online), once you make your affiliation to the network public. And we will include you in the list of Blue Communities and on our Blue Map.

Any question? Or ready to send your commitment? Here we are.

You need some more arguments to join? Maybe these thoughts by Roland Brunner may help.

A more detailed description step by step you may find here.

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